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Post by Araignee on Fri Feb 13, 2015 7:55 am

Welcome to The Arcane Lodge! This is a forum dedicated to the discussion and sharing of ideas involving the Occult. Be you a neophyte (beginner) or an adept (expert) on the Occult path - we welcome you!

You as a non-registered member only have access to this one section. Why? To reduce trolling and lurking. If you wish to access the rest of this site, you must register. Once you have registered, you are required to write your introduction to introduce yourself to the members of this forum. You are required to post a minimum of 5 posts a week in order for your account to remain active - as we sustain an active Occult community.

On The Arcane Lodge, we take the rules very seriously. We do this to accommodate all members and to sustain a pleasant community. The rules are as follows:

- Respect your fellow members and their beliefs.

- Constructive criticism is encouraged - DO NOT give hate speech or hateful criticism.

- If you have a problem with a fellow member, either sort it out in PM or contact us.

- Visible diatribe will not be tolerated.

- No spell-begging. Members can and will advise, however - use your own descretion in these matters.

- Neophytes are welcome, however, none here will spoonfeed you.

- Links can be posted, however links to other Occult-based forums will not be tolerated.

- No form of discrimination, racial, gender-based, age-based, religious-based etc.

- No pornographic material will be tolerated.

- On this forum, we value participation. If you have no posts and have made no contributions, you will be viewed as inactive. You will be notified via email if you are inactive. If you do not comply within a week from said email, your account will be disabled for the very reason that this forum is an active community. Those who are active with quality posts will be rewarded accordingly.

Here at The Arcane Lodge, we have many sections to suit all individual Occult needs. If you wish to register as a member - you need to participate, share ideas and discuss things relevant to the Occult. This is not a social network platform - it is a place to learn and teach other members on the path of the Occult.

The Arcane Lodge is a "school" of the Occult where spiritual ascention is graded by the efforts we as individuals put into it. The greater your efforts, the greater your results on your own spiritual path.

Thank you for considering us and kindest regards,

The Arcane Lodge Admin, Baron and Baronessa Araignee

We do not fear the Shadow of Death - for we are already Dead.

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